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HMO Certifications in Southampton

housing of multiple occupationA team from Daniells Harrison Chartered Surveyors were recently thrown into the heart of student life, after being commissioned by a major provider of student housing in Southampton to ensure their new properties complied with HMO standards.

Southampton City Council requires shared student accommodation to have a valid HMO (Houses of Multiple Occupation) licence in place.  The landlord’s application for a licence must be supported by an Independent Surveyors’ Certificate of Compliance. This confirms the property meets certain minimum standards such as size of rooms, regulation number of toilets, fire and safety regulations.

Each HMO property needs to be inspected by a chartered surveyor, who must have relevant experience, who will issue an Independent Surveyors’ Certificate of Compliance.

HMO inspection

Daniells Harrison Chartered Surveyors were commissioned to do exactly this and had to visit 122 HMO’s in Southampton City centre each with 5 bedrooms and communal facilities, to ensure they all met the required standards.  610 room inspections later (and that is a lot of very messy student rooms and washing up, believe us!), we then had to produce individual certificates for each HMO.



Why use a chartered surveyor to certify your HMO property?

Our clients make a considerable saving using us rather than the council who charge a set price per HMO inspection.  We offer a speedy and efficient service, carried out by experience chartered surveyors.

If you own or are thinking about investing in HMOs and require an HMO inspection or other advice on your property, please get in touch with Richard Huffer FRICS at our Head Office.

HMO Southampton