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Property Management – Pier House, Lee-On-Solent

From scaling a 3 storey-roof in gale force conditions to dealing with hit and run damage to a car park roller shutter gate, Amanda Rickwood, one of our DHCS Property Managers,  spent rather a lot of time visiting Lee-on-Solent in January.  Amanda gives us the low down.


As the property manager for Pier House, I was required to make numerous visits to this property during the first month of the new year.

My first visit was with the local fire officer to inspect fire safety requirements of the building and to obtain his comments on various matters.

Another visit involved meeting a contractor to discuss the various items raised during a recent Fire Risk Assessment and what essential works were required to the building to ensure it was legally compliant with fire safety legislation.

A further visit involved meeting a roofing contractor who was requested to inspect the flat roof at the very top of the three-storey building where the solar panels are located.  I attempted to follow the contractor onto the roof via the metal access ladder attached to the building but gave up when I was halfway up due to gale force winds and my fear of heights!

A final visit was required to inspect the broken roller shutter gate to the entrance to the car park.  This had obviously been hit by a delivery driver but unfortunately, he had not stopped to report it to me, the police nor any of the residents.  The gate had therefore got stuck in the middle and so no entry could be made by any vehicles.  I therefore had to attach notices to the gate to advise that it was out of use.  This has now developed into an insurance claim for the company.

Whilst I was taking photos of the broken gate, I also took the photo of the sunset over the sea which is opposite the building.  Therefore, it turned out to be a calm and pleasant end to another busy day at the office!

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