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Making more out of your home

basement and loft conversionIf you are looking for more living space within your current home but are unable to build a traditional extension, possibly constrained by the property type or footprint, one solution is to convert the loft, another is to dig down to create a basement.

In the case of a recent project we managed in Seaview, Isle of Wight, the owners chose to do both.

Daniells Harrison Building Surveying team were involved in this major property upgrade in the capacity of Contract Administrators.  We carried out the initial building specifications and made amendments to the approved scheme.  Our architectural team also provided amendments to the architectural plans.

The Victorian property is approximately 120 years old and, understandably, the owners wanted to retain much of the property’s original character and features but create a family home that could accommodate them all comfortably.

loft conversion isle of wight

The works consisted of a loft conversion to create two bedrooms and a family bathroom.  The property lies on a steep slope, with the front door 6ft higher than the garden at the rear.  The house was underpinned enabling a semi-basement to be built at the rear of the property, to house their new kitchen.

digging out basement

The building works took around 9 months to complete during which time we carried out fortnightly contract administration inspections.

The owners unknowingly made a shrewd choice to relocate their main home to the Isle of Wight last year. Little did they know of the current COVID pandemic, and the impact it would have on the Isle of Wight property market. We are witnessing the effects of many more families choosing to move to the island and high property prices as a consequence. (See our latest market round up here).

For more information on our Building Surveying and Architectural services please contact Nick Eames.

seaview isle of wight loft conversion