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A day in the life of a property manager

A new day dawns and one never knows what to expect in the world of property management.

isle of wight property review 2017On this particular day on the way to work, I drive to visit a local property I manage in Lee-on-Solent, to inspect the installation of new fire doors recommended by the fire officer.  Most of the leaseholders have carried out my instructions but there are still a couple who have ignored me and so I will have to continue to nag them.

On the way to the office, I call in at the carpet suppliers in Fareham to return some carpet samples requested by a management company in Portsmouth.

Then I visit another property to check if the gardener has carried out his work correctly and also trimmed back the hedge in the car park as requested.

It’s a pleasure to arrive at the office in Fareham to get out of the wind and rain and to enjoy a cup of coffee.  Time to check all my emails from the day before when I was out of the office on appointments.  Responding to them and making phone calls to various clients, freeholders, directors and leaseholders.  Additionally, making arrangements with contractors to attend sites and carry out repair and maintenance issues.  Other admin matters included drafting a couple of service charge budgets, management agreements and fee accounts.

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Overflowing bin in residential flats

property manager hampshire

One resident thought this bin looked better upside down!

Taking a quick lunch break before driving down to carry out an inspection of a property in Portsmouth.  Arriving on site and meeting the cleaning contractor’s supervisor to discuss an emergency call out the night before.  Apparently, a young girl was disoriented after attending a party in the (very large) building and lost her way back to her flat.  Unfortunately, she was very drunk and consequently was sick all over the communal hallway.  The concierge on duty at the property was worried about her as she had passed out, so he called the paramedics and they attended.  However, it was reported that she sobered up and they were able to return the young lady to her flat.

I continued to inspect the property, including the delightful bin stores, lifts and gardens.  I made a note to myself to ring the local Council to order an additional waste bin, as some of them are overflowing.   During this time, I met several residents and discussed various problems.  One of whom was having a problem with mice in her flat.  However, I had to advise her that any problems inside the flat were her responsibility but I would be happy to call out a pest control company –  although, in this case, I would have to charge her for his attendance (which would probably just be installing a mouse trap!).

I then drove home in the rush hour and checked my phone for any further emails and messages.  My phone also told me that I had walked over 10,000 steps today!  It’s fair to say being a property manager keeps me on my toes.

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property manager farehamAmanda Rickwood AIRPM is a property manager at Daniells Harrison Chartered Surveyors and is responsible for the management of several large residential and commercial sites in Hampshire.