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All in a day’s work for Daniells Harrison Property Management team!

At a residential estate managed by Daniells Harrison, residents reported having seen a number of rats within the communal grounds. On the advice of a pest control consultant, we communicated with all of the residents to temporarily remove all the bird feeders and nuts which were supplying a food source for the rats.

We also communicated with a neighbouring land owner who kept chickens as they too were making a food source available for the rats. We are pleased to report that the rat issue is now under control and it is hoped that with some changes to the nut feeders that the residents will once again be able to encourage birds back to the communal gardens.

At the same development we oversee the grant of pet licences to those residents who wish to have cats or dogs within their properties. These licences allow the managing agents to control which pets are allowed on site and to deal with any unruly pets…or owners.

Following a recent incident involving initially unidentified dog fouling, having consulted with the owners who had been granted pet licences it was possible to establish that it was in fact dogs from a neighbouring property that had accessed the communal grounds and created the fouling – we’re pleased pleased to report that an amicable and successful solution was soon found.

Dealing with rat infestations and dog fouling are just some of the property management issues we encounter.  We offer a complete range of residential block management services.  Find out more here.