Residential Valuation reports may be needed for a number of reasons. As qualified and experienced professionals, we will provide accurate and reasoned reports that comply with the requirements of RICS, and also, in some cases, legislation.

Matrimonial Disputes

We are often appointed by a Court Order as a “Joint Single Expert” acting independently to value property for this purpose. We can also represent either party before, or during Court proceedings.

Probate Valuations

These can be provided by an estate agent, often free of charge, but these are more likely to be challenged by HMRC than a properly and professionally prepared report. We will provide the information that is expected and required by the authorities for a probate valuation, giving you greater confidence in the outcome.

Capital Gains Tax Valuations

We have details of property transactions going back to 1982, which is often the base date for CGT calculations. This enables us to provide you with an accurate and reliable valuation, to help you or your Accountant determine and agree a CGT tax liability, based on any date back to 1982.

insurance reinstatement valuationsInsurance Reinstatement Valuations

It is important that your home or business property is insured at a figure high enough to satisfy the requirements of your insurers. We calculate the theoretical rebuild cost of your home by reference to industry approved and regularly updated data. The rebuilding cost may be significantly higher, or in some cases lower than the Market Value, and is not to be confused with it. You do not wish to be over insured and therefore paying too much, but in the event of a major claim, the cost of being under insured could be very significant as the insurer may pay only a proportion of your claim.

We will inspect your property and provide the required information for your buildings reinstatement valuation.

If you require a residential valuation for your property, please contact Rob Hurlstone or for Isle of Wight please contact David Wiggins.

Contact Rob Hurlstone to book your residential valuation


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