Litigation can be a stressful and emotional process which can be made easier by instructing the right expert.

Our Chartered Surveyors have extensive experience in acting as experts in a number of areas including disputes over valuations and surveys and over the method or cost of construction. We are aware of the duties of experts under the Civil Procedure Rules and often act as single joint expert on behalf of the court. Alternatively we may be appointed by either party’s solicitors or direct by the client.

When you might require a property related Expert Witness

Using a building surveyor as an Expert Witness

Not all building projects run smoothly, on time and on budget. When this occurs one party of the building agreement will often place blame with the other party and disputes will arise over elements such as quality or quantity of work undertaken and cost. By appointing a building surveyor to administer building works under a standard contract, the likelihood of a dispute is significantly reduced.

When a dispute does occur the appointment of a building surveyor at an early stage to review the works undertaken or costs claimed, either acting impartially or on behalf of the defendant or the claimant can resolve disputes without unnecessary solicitors’ appointments or court costs. Should either party refuse to accept our findings then our instructions may develop into the role of an ‘Expert Witness’.

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For further information on our RICS Expert Witness services, please contact Chris Daniells or Rob Hurlstone.

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